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Growth Info

According to medical experts, at this point, your baby is complete. In terms of physical appearance, all details are formed like the mouth, nose, nails, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Even the internal organs of your baby have reached maturity. Though the eyes are formed, the nerves will keep on developing a few weeks after giving birth.

You will notice that newborn babies can’t see clearly and the only time when he/she can focus is after 6-8 weeks.

Giving Birth

During this time, the mother can give birth at any time. Around 95% of babies are born before the estimated delivery date. You might also notice that less pressure is placed on your chest or ribs and this is because the baby’s head is already in the pelvis area. The uterus’s size has also reduced and this is referred to as ‘engagement’ or ‘lightning’. Make sure that you get enough rest on the 40th week. You have to spend a lot of time in talking to your little one because he/she can already hear your voice.


After giving birth, you will need to get adequate support for your feet, legs, and back. Having pregnancy pillow can ease the discomfort. Some doctors can also provide you with tips that can induce labor. Among these things are sex, walking, eating spicy foods, nipple stimulation, castor oil, and membrane stripping (performed by a doctor). These methods are best used when the cervix is ready.

Since you can give birth any time, you have to enjoy the last few moments of being pregnant. By the time you deliver the baby, you will be busy in caring for your little one and your health as well. Congratulations and be sure to take pleasure in every moment while your baby is small.