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30 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect

By the 30th week, you’re already in the third trimester. In 9-10 weeks, you will deliver the baby. During this time, you are already planning on how you can get your old body back.

You can also discuss things with your doctor whether you will be giving birth naturally or through C-section.

Make sure that the nursery is already complete and the other things you need. Light exercises will do you good but be more observant. If you feel tired or you sense that something is wrong, you have to stop.

Things to Expect

When your baby increases in size, the amniotic fluid will also decrease. You will often find yourself catching your breath and this is because of the pressure on your diaphragm. Every time you visit your doctor, blood tests and sonograms will be performed. You have to monitor your feet and hands for excessive swelling since this is an indication of pre-eclampsia.

Baby’s Development

Your baby is already 14-17 inches long and weighs around three pounds. The sleeping pattern for mothers is better at this point and the baby doesn’t move that much. Brain development is at its highest level while the eyebrows and eyelashes are fully developed, including the lungs and digestive tracts.

The Changes

Mothers have been pregnant for some time and they are in a hurry to give birth. This is where discomfort can set in. But you see, you have to get enough sleep so that you can lessen the fatigue. If you gained weight, don’t worry because this is natural. Your immune system is weak at this point and you need to monitor your health. With the extra weight of the baby, mothers will often slouch.

If you can, you have to sit straight to prevent muscle cramping and backaches. Finalize all plans and projects for your baby. Keep taking the vitamins and eat healthy meals everyday. There is no sense in worrying about your figure because you’re not alone in facing this problem. In a couple of weeks, you will be giving birth and you will finally see your angel. Congratulations on your pregnancy!